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Fireplace DVDCampfire Night is now also available as fireplace DVD offering you a relaxing fireplace video combined with the soothing sounds of nature.

Filmed in HD for maximum quality and presented in digital surround sound this is a truly unique fireplace DVD providing you with a relaxation experience unlike any other fireplace DVD that you may have seen before.

Imagine sitting back after a long day watching the fire burn surrounded by the soothing nature sounds of the crackling fire and night ambience of crickets and night birds.

Watch the fire evolve with the logs burning in the fire, when the logs burn down more logs are added to the fire and then for the last 20 minutes watch the fire die down to glowing embers.

We have created a unique soundscape of soothing nature sounds in surround sound to enhance the one of a kind relaxation experience that this video provides. The crackling fire sounds are combined with the night ambience of crickets, owls, nightingales, bats and nightjars.

There are four soundtrack options available for more versatility. You can select the full soundtrack, just the fire sound, fire and crickets (without the night birds and bats) or fire and night birds (without the crickets)

Later towards the end of the video the fire sounds die down and you can hear the crackling of the embers glowing in the night.

Campfire Night also includes a bonus looped fire that never burns down, also presented in surround sound with two soundtrack options.

We think it may just well be the ultimate relaxation experience whether you are looking to unwind after a long day or simply want some background ambience this fireplace DVD delivers the goods.

Relaxation guaranteed with campfire night.

The DVD version of Campfire Night is available in NTSC format* and is sold and shipped by createspace an Amazon company.

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* For customers outside of the USA please ensure that your DVD player is compatible with NTSC format discs before purchasing*

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