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Why Campfire Night is a Fireplace Video

I know what you are thinking, campfire night is a video of a campfire right how can you call it a fireplace video?  Well a campfire is an outdoor fireplace so yes it is a fireplace video. Its a fireplace video with a difference though and is unique unlike any of the other traditional virtual […]

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Fireplace Download vs Fireplace DVD

Campfire Night has been released as fireplace download and a Fireplace DVD in order to provide as much versatility as possible and also to be able to offer you a number of  the price options. A DVD costs money to produce and distribute to the end user and the cost of this gets passed on […]

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How to use Campfire Night as a TV Fireplace

Campfire night can double up as a TV fireplace that you can watch on your HDTV. Thats why its way more versatile than a fireplace DVD, your campfire night fireplace download allows you to watch it anytime and anywhere, on your laptop, desktop, android device, Ipad, Ipod, Iphone and even on Apple TV. There are […]

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